Our Costs

High Impact Value


We offer the highest value property styling service in South East Queensland.

Every part of your journey requires impeccable design.

We own and control our own high-calibre inventory so we are able to design the perfect campaign cost structure to ensure that every one of our clients enjoys the benefit of our high value ‘staging, styling and selling’ approach.

These costs vary from property to property (based on the different costs per suburb that online advertising portals charge).

Whilst we have access to every marketing tool every other large and small agency has, we only spend money on items that WORK.

We do not encourage sellers to spend money on tools and gimmicks that waste money, or that simply promote the agent or that empower or prevent buyers from attending an open home (such as long form video, 3-D walk-throughs, newspaper advertising).

Our high impact, marketing campaign covers everything from online listing portals, street signs, brochures, multiple social media campaigns, exposure to an enormous database of potential buyers and the very BEST photography in town!

Every campaign is a unique project.

Our job is to craft the OPTIMAL COST STRUCTURE (staging, styling, marketing and commission costs) for every home we sell in order to achieve the optimal financial benefit.

Given our unique model, we are able to provide cost and cashflow solutions that no other local agency is able to offer.

It’s NOT the COMMISSION rate that counts, it is the TOTAL COST AND THE TOTAL BENEFITS that matter.

The most important part of the entire campaign is the NET AMOUNT you end up with in your hand.

"Money makers, not money takers"

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