April 5, 2022 Anne-Maree Russell

5 Home Inspection Tips For Sellers


After we’ve styled up a storm, the real estate photos have been taken, and your home has shone like a jewel for its magical evening photoshoot, reality will kick in and the first thing that will come to mind is … ‘how on earth do I keep my home looking this clean and tidy while it is on the market’?

It’s much easier, and less stressful, than you think, if you stick to a few firm rules, and follow them every day.

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1. Leave the kitchen spotless every night.

After the last meal of the day, clear and clean the sink, put the dishwasher on,

wipe over the bench, clean the floors, and take the rubbish out, so food and cooking

odours can’t escalate and permeate overnight!

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Starting with an immaculate kitchen each morning makes it so much easier to 

pack away a few dishes in the dishwasher, and do a quick wipe over of the benches

before you walk out the door.


While on the subject of odours, open windows and doors while you are at home, so that

natural living odours can always disperse.

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That way, if your home has to be locked up during the day and then opened by your agent

for an impromptu inspection, last night’s dinner aromas have long gone!


2. First thing in the morning …always make the beds!


It only takes a minute or two … and if you have another spare minute, after making the bed,

cast your eyes over the room and ask yourself, ‘what else can I quickly do to tidy this space’?

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It takes less than a few minutes per room … and then that room is ready for its

close up at any time!

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3. Always put things away.

Get it out, use it, put it straight back.

Put away your clothes as soon as you take them off.

Pack away sports bags when training has finished.

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Have a designated place for shoes, sports gear and school paraphernalia

(laundry cupboards are always a great hiding space).

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Deal with paperwork as soon as you can and file it away.

If things are always put back in their assigned places, your home will always be

uncluttered and tidy.

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4. Wipe over the shower glass after every shower.

Use a window wiper to clean your shower after each shower use, so the glass is

streak free and ready for any last minute inspections.


Keep a cloth under the bathroom sink too, to wipe over your sink each morning

before you head out.

And put bathroom things away after use.

Hairspray? … back in the cupboard. Toothbrush? … get it out of sight.

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Have some nice clean, fluffy display towels that you can bring out after you have

cleaned the bathroom each morning.

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You can tuck them away at night when you use your own towels and bring them out

each morning as part of your routine.

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5. Always clean as you go.

If you are waiting at the coffee machine, for your coffee to brew, and you see that the stove

splashback needs a wipe over, clean it there and then.

While the cloth is in your hand, ask yourself, ‘what else can I clean while I have a few minutes’?

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Always be on the lookout for chores that could be done when you are idle, waiting

for your toast to toast or the pot to boil!

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Does anyone else clean out their fridge before they pack away their

‘just purchased’ groceries?

Best time to really clean out a fridge – at its most emptiest!

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If your days are full, raising a family or working away from home, and you don’t have

the option or inclination to set aside a day for cleaning every week, the ‘clean as you go’

method alleviates stress and is a great lifelong habit to adopt.

Helps train the offspring too, so their future flatmates or life partners will love living

with someone clean, tidy and ordered.

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If they see something that needs to be done … a pile of washing … dishes in the sink …

things that need to be put away …. they learn to do it ‘now’ and everyone gets to enjoy

living in a clean, tidy and uncluttered space.


Follow these golden rules routinely and your home will be always ready for

‘unexpected visitors’ (your buyers) … and even ‘real’ visitors!

A-M xx